How it all began!

About a year ago, I opened up my small business. It was a leap of faith I knew I was ready to take – so with a little encouragement from my family, some saved pennies, and a whole lot of faith I opened up StarView Event Essentials.

It’s been a long journey but I’m so thankful I was able to turn my dreams into a reality. I spent weeks sitting on my idea, planning my next move, finding a perfect name. I knew I wanted to offer photo booth rentals, but I wanted it to be so much more. I envisioned turning StarView into “the´ place to get all your event essentials! So I knew my name had to capture the ultimate goal –I bounced from name to name, until I found the perfect fit – StarView.

StarView was built off of the idea that anyone can reach for the clouds, but where you want to land is among the stars. We go above and beyond expectations to create something magical and perfect for your event. It was built off of the idea that one size doesn’t fit all. Each star is unique, just like each party is unique. Even though we have to put our packages into a cookie cutter format for simplicity – we always bend the cookie cutter into something designed specifically for each individual client.

I knew this was more than a business – this was a lifestyle. It was the choice to make events something spectacular for each and every bride, groom, or event host that put their trust in us. It’s always been about creating smile, love, and memories. That’s something we can proudly say we’ve been doing for a year now and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Here’s to a year of reaching for the stars – and to many more!



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