Hashtag Wedding!

It's all the buzz and if you follow The Knot you've seen one of their latest posts about tips towards a #hashtag wedding.

You can visit the article here: The Knot Tips to a HashTag Wedding

I thought this was a really great blog post and I wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit more about there are other great ways to utilize that #hashtag and that's with hashtag printing!

Have you heard of it? If not, have no fear... we'll explain it right now!


What is hashtag printing?

Hashtag printing, also known as, instagram print station, hashtag print station, instagram & twitter station, etc... is the latest and greatest way to have guests snap candids at your wedding! Did you ever get the chance to be at a wedding that had all the disposable cameras on each reception table? It was a huge hit for brides when disposable cameras were in their prime but we've since moved into the smartphone age and well... the wedding reception candid photo has moved into the smartphone age too, or at least the #hashtag age.

How it Works

It's pretty simple really... create a unique hashtag for your wedding and make sure you tell everyone about it! Your guests will take photos and upload them to instagram or twitter and will use your unique #hashtag -from there your guests will visit the printing station set up at your reception. They will find their recent uploads displaying in a gallery at the print station where they can pick and choose the photo they want printed on a custom designed photo layout. They will choose the print they love, click print, and within seconds they'll have a beautiful image to take home with them to remember your special day forever.

But wait there's more... after it's all said and done... you, the bride or groom... will receive a flash drive with ALL the images uploaded using your special wedding day #hashtag. You won't even have to take all those disposable cameras to the store to have the images developed.

Hashtag printing is truly a fun and unique addition to your wedding reception, your guests will love their wedding favor (an image to treasure always) and you'll have a collection of candid photos that will last a lifetime.


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