Choosing the right Photo Booth for your Event!

Part 1

It seems that there's a photo booth business on every corner these days depending on where you life. So how do you choose the vendor that's right for your event?

A lot of people go for the right price, they choose the vendor with the lowest price because it's easier on my wallet. Makes sense right? Wrong! This seems to be the biggest concern for most people in the market for a photo booth rental, but I'm here to warn you -sometimes you get what you pay for.

So, let's put the price on the back burner for a moment and take a look at what you should look for when choosing the right photo booth for your event!


Choose what's right for you!

1. Do you want an enclosed photo booth or an "open" photo booth?
Now if you're not sure what I'm talking about... then there's a lot to learn. Photo booths come in all kinds of shapes and sizes today. This is not like what your friends used to cram into in a mall...

An enclosed booth is generally a 5x5 tent with the photo booth monitor inside, where as an open booth is a backdrop similar to what you'd find at a photo studio along with the photo booth equipment. Now how do you choose what's right for you?


The Pros to an Open Booth:

  • Open Photo Booths are great for large groups! Most backdrops extend to about 8-10 ft wide to fit as many heads into that frame as possible. I'veseen upwards of 25+ heads in a photo
  • Open Booths eliminate that "big clunky black box" in the corner that everyone's not sure what it is.
  • Open Booths also are great for giving your guests a visual. You can watch others take pictures, spread the laughter and fun by watching others put on fun hats and make silly faces.

The Pros to an Enclosed Booth:

  • Enclosed Booths are great for that "classic" photo booth feeling. You enter the booth and take images just as you would as a kid in the mall or at a theme park.
  • Enclosed Booths create a private atmosphere, giving your guests the privacy to let loose behind those black curtains. Smile pretty for the camera!

You need to know what you're in the market for because if you don't clarify what type of booth you want... you may be in for a surprise on your big day! Not all vendors carry both.

2. Think about what's going to print out...
Be sure you know what you're getting. There's printers of all shapes and sizes when it comes to photo booths. Take a look and see if your vendor shares what kind of equipment they use, because that can make all the difference in the quality you're going to get. A fast printing, non-smudge, high quality print will come from a Sub-Dye Printer. This type of ink not only prints the image fast, but you don't have to worry about the picture being "sticky." Other types of printers you may see are "ink-jet" this is what you'd find at home or in your office for standard printing. The biggest difference is it could feel like an hour for your photo to print, and you run the risk of that "sticky" image. If your prints are popping out quickly, it can really bog up the flow of the event and your guests won't get to take as many photos as they had hoped.

3. What kind of resolution do you want your image to have?
Photos all seem to look the same when they're being printed out on 2x6 photo strips, but what happens if and when you get the digital copies of those photos? Watch out for low quality images, this is 2015 there's no reason to not have a crystal clear image!

4. Speaking of digital copies... do you want them?
Some companies offer digital copies of all images & strips... some charge more, some are included in a package. Some companies burn them to a disk, upload them on an online gallery, or put them on a flash drive... but it doesn't end there! Sometimes you'll be restricted on the use you have of the photos. So, think about what YOU want at the end of your event! There is a digital option out there for you, but you may have to dig for what's right for your event.

...The fun doesn't end there... There's still plenty of questions to ask yourself when choosing the right photo booth for your event. Stay tuned for our next post (Part 2) on choosing the right booth for your event!

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