Photo Booth Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ


We know you're busy and you have a million questions... That's why we've taken the time to put all of our most frequently asked questions right into one place! If you haven't found what you're looking for just give us a call or contact us here. Your questions are important to us!

General Questions

Q: Where does StarView provide it's Services?
We currently offer our services throughout Massachusetts -Western, Central, and Eastern MA.
We also serve New England -Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Maine. Travel fees may apply beyond 50-150 miles round trip.

Q: How long does it take to set up and break down?
It takes between 1-2 hours depending on the service and about 30 minute or less break down. Set up & Break Down are included in all of our services.

Q: We are a non-profit, can you work with our budget? Yes! We support community charities and foundations. Please contact us to receive a special non-profit rate for your event.

Photo Booth Rentals

Q: How Much Space Does the Photo Booth Take Up?
We like to have a 10x10 space to set up our enclosed or studio style photo booth. This allows enough space for the 5x5 tent or 5-10ft backdrop plus props and printing area. We prefer to have a 8ft height clearance from the ceiling, but we've been known to accommodate in smaller spaces with our studio style booth. Just please let us know if we don't have much space to work with!

Q: What is Idle Time?
Idle Time is "down time" or a period in which the photo booth is closed during your event. The photo booth will shut down through periods like dinner, first dances, or cake cuttings. This allows your guests to focus on what's important -YOU! This gets you the most out of your photo booth rental, without anyone missing the special moments. That's why we include the 1st hour in every rental!

Q: What does unlimited photo strips really mean?
It's just what it sounds like! We're not pulling any strings -we will provide a photo strip for every guests in the photo booth, every time they enter! You may have heard from other companies that most photo booth rentals only give out two photo strips, well that just simply isn't true!

We do like to save media when we can and avoid over printing... but that's just because we try to be as green as possible and can help save planet earth one photo strip at a time! But we promise, unlimited means unlimited.

One condition with the definition of unlimited - we can't print 50 strips for 1 person for their holiday cards. If that's something you're interested in, feel free to contact us. 

Q: Do you provide backdrops?
Yes, we have a huge selection of backdrops. If you don't find something you like - we can "build" the perfect backdrop at an additional cost. We're crafty people at StarView -the stars the limit with us. 

Q: Can the photos be branded with my company logo or event details?
Yes, we design each photo strip to exactly what you're looking for -at no additional cost! We can include event info, logos, colors, patterns, and more! Each event photo strip is unique!

Q: Do you Provide Props?
Yes, we provide a variety of props with each photo booth package. With advance notice, we can tailor a custom prop package for your event.

Green Screen 

Q: What is a Green Screen?
It's a big green backdrop! But wait there's more! The green backdrop is simply what we use to "insert" a fun background behind you and your guests. From the beach to the ski slopes -we can put you just about anywhere! 

Q: What is the difference between the green screen booth and the "live booth"?
The booth green screen is just like our photo booth rentals -but with the green screen backdrop. 

The live booth includes a live photographer and you have the option of using a backdrop or having our photographer wander around taking photos to be printed... so it's essentially like being in the studio or having an additional photographer on hand! Our photographer will make sure it's a perfect shot every time!

Candy Bar Buffets 

Q: I can buy candy - why shouldn't I just do-it-myself?
Because there is far more involved in assembling a candy buffet than you may first realize. You will need to buy candy in very large quantities - often at high retail prices. You will also have to purchase a variety of large glassware, easily spending $100+ on containers you will have no use for after the event. Then, you will have to make sure someone is available to set it up and tear it down for you. Additionally, you'll need to come up with labels or a candy menu and take-away bags or boxes to complete the display. Finally, some venues will not permit customer-provided food.

Q: How much candy can I expect to receive per guest?
The standard serving-size is 1/4 pound to a 1/2 pound per person. We will provide ample candy to allow your guests to enjoy the display, and prevent it from looking depleted too quickly. And remember - you get to keep the leftovers! 

Q: Can I consider this my favor to my guests?
Yes, it's a great alternative to a standard favor on a table. Not only will your guests enjoy selecting their favorites, but they'll remember how much fun they had doing it! They can enjoy some at the party, and then take some home for later. A perfect combination.

Q: Can I provide some of my own candy?
No. For food service and sanitation reasons, we cannot allow you to supply any of your own candy in a full service buffet. However, if there is a specific candy you want to include, please tell us, and we'll do our best to work it into the display for you!

Q: Can you do anything other than candy?
Yes, we do offer cupcakes or cake pops, popcorn, cotton candy and more -but if there's something else you have in mind, just let us know!

Q: Can you accommodate other dietary restrictions?
We will do our best! Please let us know your specific needs, and we will do our best to meet them!

Our Requirements... To make sure we can do what we do best!

Our photo booths have a few requirements to make sure your event runs smoothly. 

  • Electrical Access, we can't run without access to power. This is our one and only non-negotiable requirement! 
  • General Rule of Thumb is a 10x10 minimum space
  • 8 ft tall ceiling for enclosed booths... we need space! We can't promise we'll fit our enclosed booth in anything shorter than an 8 ft ceiling. If you are at an event venue that shouldn't be an issue, but we might not fit inside your home! 
  • At least 5x5 booth enclosure space and another 4-6 feet for guest book creation and prop space. We can squeeze if we have too, but the enclosure is 5x5... so we can't be smaller than that.
  • Availability to be inside -we won't say no to the outdoors, but it can create problems with our equipment 

All requirements are negotiable, but please keep these points in mind when booking a photo booth! Any surprises the day of the event could prevent from your booth running smoothly through your event. 

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